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cbx1260cc 06-14-2017 03:30 PM

New Member
New member but long time bike enthusiast.

Enjoy restoring the older Hondas as a hobby to get them back / keep them on the road in the hands of enthusiasts.

Recent restoration was a 1980 Honda CBX followed by the most recent--a 1983 Honda CB1100F.

Currently working on a 1987 VFR700F Interceptor (almost complete), 1995 Honda CB1000F "Big One" and a 1986 Honda VFR750F.

Current stable is:

1977 Honda CB400F
1983 Honda CB1100F (red one)
1986 VFR750F RWB
1989 CB-1 with HRC 600cc Supersport motor inserted :wink:
2013 Honda CB1000R

As I get older I find the "weight" of the larger bikes becomes less and less appealing so looking for something "sporty, comfortable and not too heavy" thus the CB599.

Anxious to learn more and as time goes by my hope is to be able to contribute with ideas as well.

THANK YOU for that opportunity via this site.



mlove 06-14-2017 10:52 PM

Re: New Member
Hello Rick!

Sundog 06-15-2017 09:36 AM

Re: New Member
Welcome Rick. It sounds like you could be a wealth of information - I hope you do stick around.

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