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Default Re: Coolant Flush NEW

The coolant that came out of my 04 599 was nice and brown. Coolant probably wasn't changed at any time within the past 9 years.

I filled the radiator and reservoir with new coolant, and ran the bike around the block to get the engine up to temp. The coolant had turned brown again, so I drained it and began flushing fresh water. It took about 6 flushes before the water came out clear so I filled the bike with coolant again.

This past weekend I flushed the coolant, and it was still slightly brown. Took only 2 flushes of water to get the water out nice and clear so I think I'm close to getting all the junk flushed out of the cooling system.

I'll probably flush the system again in the next month and hope it'll be the last time.

Just a reminder to everyone to make sure you periodically change your coolant to prevent this headache down the road.
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