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quick backstory. Just got into street bikes this past September when i picked up a brand new 2014 SFV650. It was stolen a few weeks ago from my house. I needed some transportation so I just picked up a 2003 919 that mechanically is in superb condition. The appearance of the bike is less so. I will have some pictures up before long currently at work and have no pictures. I'm looking for as much information as I can get on the bike. currently i'm looking for information on a front end swap. I know it's a big first step but looks so good when done right.
Switched from 599 to 919 this winter, would check it out at spring warm days, right now waiting for some exterior tune ups, like motogadget m blaze pins, and koso knight turnsignals. Mine is 2002 one with fork and back ammo from 2004 with rebound adjustment

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