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Default Re: I'm going to miss you all

Here I am about seven years later with a "new" 2006 599! The Tiger was beautiful on the highway, but not great in dirt. Too top heavy (and I couldn't lift it when I dropped it in deep sand). So I went from there to a 2006 Kawasaki 250 dirt bike that was So Much Fun. Explored all the remote corners of New Mexico on that thing. I could lift it by the handlebars when I dropped it. Visited Indian ruins that you can't get to even with a 4WD vehicle. It wasn't bad on the highway either.. did 70 mph fine (as long as the hills weren't too steep).

My Kawasaki got stolen off my driveway a few weeks ago. I had comprehensive insurance, so Progressive paid me the value of the bike, plus the current value of the after market, extra large gas tank, the custom seat, my side bags. I am so impressed with Progressive! I got a check two weeks later.

Enough to buy another 599. I got it in Denver and rode it back to Albuquerque. It has a ridiculously loud and powerful TwoBrothers exhaust pipe. Got a sound suppressor for that and a windscreen and now I am good to go.

Where is everybody? I don't see all the regulars who used to be here.
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