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Default Light Dual sport 2004 599

Hey folks,

So I am thinking I can turn the 599 into a dual sport ish kind of bike after riding around on mopeds in Indonesia and realizing bikes are much more capable. I would be carrying a 20-30 lbs soft duffel bag for work, probably needing a little luggage rack with enough bungee attachments to add on. I was thinking I could just weld something together and replace the rear handle bar.

Also with an akrapovic style exhaust that kinda points down to not get in the way of the bag.!/motorcy...148&yearId=674

Clean up the rear lights to a single unit.

More aggresive tire for some light offroad use.

I don't really want to change the bike too much as I really like the style of it as it is, but is there a different suspension I could add on that would help in the riding?

I can't think of what else other than really just slapping on some dual sport tires for light off road.

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Default Re: Light Dual sport 2004 599

I'd love to see someone do this. Maybe add a radiator guard, skid plate, & do something with the fenders.
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Default Re: Light Dual sport 2004 599

I know at least one person has turned their 919 into a dual-sport. The 599 would probably be even better in that role since it is 100 lbs lighter.
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Default Re: Light Dual sport 2004 599

Defiantly are going to need some new front and rear shocks.
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Default Re: Light Dual sport 2004 599

How did the dual sport project turn out?
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