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Default Greetings from so cal

I have always liked naked sport bikes, My first one was a NEW 1969 Honda 750 [ RED ]. Yes i am that old . I have owned many types of motorcycles over the years.
But i always come back to UJMs. I sold my 2007 Suzuki SV 650 because even at my age it just was not enough .
I was looking on craigs list and figured i would be open to any brand if it was nice looking.
Saw a Red 2007 919 with 2,490 miles on it listed for 4,500. I called the owner and he said it was like new. I drove over and took a look. Except for the finder eliminator it was bone stock and except for being dusty it did look new. I am a auto mechanic by trade [ retired ] but i never look for a fixer upper. I like nice. He took my 4,200 and i rode it home. What a wonderful naked sport bike.Spent three days cleaning & polishing. Lubed the chain and changed the oil. I have put maybe 200 miles on it in the last week and it truly is like a new bike. Some body put new tires on it four years ago.This bike has not seen much sun in its 11 years. The rubber looks new also.
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Default Re: Greetings from so cal

Sounds like you scored big, the 919 is a great bike.

Check out for tons of info on the 919.
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