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Default Cbr headers, reverse cone exhaust

Heya, Ive got some headers off a cbr600f1i.
Its the same engine so it will fit the front bit easy enough.
There is an attachment point under the swinga which is on the wrong place (part of the frame) and of course it diverts out to the side rather than up.

Got questions:
The headers were very second hand, covered in spots of rust and orangy burntness, so Ive taken steel wool to them. And easily removed the orangy layer, a black layer and a kind of purply layer to get to the bare metal.
Which makes me think they aint stainless, and came out the factory black?
Anyone know?

Im gonna take a punt on a 30 degree mandrel bend between the header and the slipon, to get the slipon parallel to the bike. Anyone know?

The headers finish at 50mm (2) wheras my selected slipon fits a 45mm (1,3/4) pipe.
Now, our stock cb600f pipes finish at that size, so its not a major downer, but ill have to slip the link pipe into the header outlet, and Im not sure how to clamp/fix it withiut cutting slits in the header. Thoughts?
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Default Re: Cbr headers, reverse cone exhaust

How did this work out for you?

Id like to lower my exhaust and am wondering what you discovered.
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