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Accidents They do happen. This is a place to share experiences and learn lessons.

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Default Help - Small collision, big question?

He y'all,
Need a little help figuring out what to do here:
I got in a low-speed scuffle with a corvette a few days ago, who caught my slider after crossing the yellow line on a tight corner. My baby runs & made it to a shop despite the front wheel being knocked a little out of alignment. Aside from a few scratches on the bike (and me), the radiator clearly took a little of the hit & the front break pad is catching something (maybe fixing axle & alignment will correct this?). Then there's the slider, the impact bent it back about 45 degrees and bent a small edge of the frame & small crack where it bolts to the engine. The damage to the frame seems cosmetic, which I think is why the insurance company left it out of their estimate, but the shop I talked to seemed to think it should have been totaled out.

Wife's a little freaked out, and rightfully so, as we have a baby on the way & I've been thinking I need to sell my wheels anyway. Do I get it in running order and then put it on the market? Anyone know how a small crack will hurt it's value on the market? I'd hate to have my insurer total it out & scrap it, but need to protect the value I've got in it.

Maybe I should come back with a picture?

06' CB600F
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Default Re: Help - Small collision, big question?

Without seeing any pics, it sounds bad to me. Frame integrity is a pretty big deal. Also, not cheap if it's even repairable. If your insurance company accepts that damage was part of this collision, they'll 99% total it.

You can, however, "buy it back" from them. Tell them you want to keep the bike, they'll give you the payout of what it's worth, minus its salvaged value.

Depending on where you live, it might be easy or difficult to register the bike with a salvaged title.

Honestly, unless you've got a huge reason to keep the bike, it sounds like you've got a lot of other things in your life that are worth not risking it. If my wife and I were expecting, I'd take the payout, keep the bike, and part it out if I had the time to. Or, you could sell it as salvaged/parts-only.

Congrats on your baby, man!
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Default Re: Help - Small collision, big question?

Hey y'all,
Quick update here. I decided to forgo fixing up the bike, had the insurance company total it out - for a cool $4,450.

I thought it would be helpful to share what they assessed the value of the bike to be. As for my reasoning, besides the baby thing, I was having a hard time finding a shop that would do the work because of the minor damage to the frame. The bend in the frame where the slider connects was too much for most shops to even be willing to cut them off. I ideally wanted them replaced.

Bike was still in pretty good shape otherwise, hope it finds a good home at auction.
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