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Default Hornet Longevity

I just picked up a 2006 in mint shape a few days ago. Upon arriving at my local dealer the other day, I encountered a fellow pulling in on his yellow 2004 beast. Turns out, he bought it new, and upon riding away from the parking lot, he will have 100,000 kilometres on the clock! Just routine maintenance over the years! That's' it! Love those Honda Hornets!!!!
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Default Re: Hornet Longevity

I sold mine with 45K miles on it. Never had any issues. Sigh. I miss it so much.
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Default Re: Hornet Longevity

I've got about 62,000km on my 04, which I bought new. I checked the valves at the beginning of the summer and they are still to speck. The only problems I've had were caused my clumsiness. However, I might have to replace the neutral safety switch as it sometimes doesn't notice I'm not in gear. I think it is a $20 part and a 5 minute fix.
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Default Re: Hornet Longevity

I know of one in the uk that has done well over 100k miles
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Default Re: Hornet Longevity

I've got 47k miles on mine and it runs sweet as a nut.
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Default Re: Hornet Longevity

my 07 919 has over 81k on it, which is over 134k kilometers
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