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Default Honda 300

It's a nice looking little bike. I want to see it in person and test ride it (it's a thumper, as you all probably know). I'm intrigued by that round LED headlight too. But why do people always call bikes like this a "starter" bike or "best first bike," like everybody has to necessarily move to higher powered bikes as they get experience? I see a trend in the other direction, especially in adventure and off-road bikes. Smaller, lighter bikes are a blast. In a country where there are speed limits, higher power just means frustration and holding back. I've gone back and forth between an 800cc to a 250cc and now back to the 599.
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Default Re: Honda 300

I bought one! It's awesome. I love it. So fun to ride. Riding the 919 around town in stop and go traffic honestly just feels like a chore, especially compared to the CB300R. Clearly, it's not a HP beast, but the single cyl gives it good torque at midrange RPMs and plenty of get-up at lower speeds. The only time I really feel like i'm missing out on power (for practical use) is when getting on the gas in the exit of a high speed sweeper in the canyons. Overtaking on the freeway is obviously not its strong suit either, and the revs are kinda high when cruising at 70 mph, but I've gotten it up to around 85 mph so far without much fuss, and I feel like I could maybe get it up to 100mph with a full tuck.

The CB300R, at 313 lbs wet, is more than 160 lbs lighter than my 919!

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