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Default Another 599 DIY fender eliminator (For the budget minded)

In another thread someone asked me to post up details about my fender eliminator setup so here you guys go.

I moved from NYC to SoCal last year and left a bunch of tools behind so I was working with limited resources. One of the previous owners lobbed off the bottom part of the fender but I HATE how the license plate light looks and the stock plate location. They also did a horrible job wiring up the CA integrated tail light but I haven't bothered with it out of lazyness. I wanted something a little sleeker so off I went with my dremel and shears.

Its not perfect, but the end result still looks decent for what it is. I'd like to re-do it with some thicker aluminum or even plastic riveted to the original undertray (Man that thing makes this job such a pain).

I went to Home Depot and picked up some zinc flashing, its less than a buck for just enough material to get the job done. You can find it by the lumber section with various HVAC related things. I cut up the fender as pictured (Wish I had cut less on the exhaust side but thankfully the pipe hides it well enough. This part is self explanatory, measure several times and draw your template out on whatever material you'll be using to cap off your undertray.

You will have to relocate your seat lock which is really not as hard as it seems, in fact it was probably the easiest part of the job. I put mine under the seat for a sleeker, more hidden look. Just use the stock mounting bracket and dremel a hole out and you're done, mine has worked perfectly since I did the mod. Its simple because the lock holds the bracket into the tray since it's a keyed press fit.

Ideally you want to make your undertray as water resistant as possible, so be mindful of the contours of the original fender and do your best to recreate them for as close to an OEM look as possible with the finished product.

I used a scrap piece of steel to make the license plate bracket, self explanatory I used a couple cinder blocks laying around to make the bends.

Whats important to note is the bottom of the undertray is held by 2 bolts that go through the frame, this is what you'll be mounting all this to so be mindful of your measurements.

Once again doing this with scraps and leftovers I had laying around, I shot the parts with some primer and black gloss. Ideally I'd have used something like bedliner to add some rigidity to the zinc flashing and give it a textured look. Bedliner also loses its sheen after exposure to the elements so it should match the undertray perfectly.

I had a couple cans of plasti dip bouncing around for years so I used that, same idea with it being textured and turning matte after a month or two but less durable of a finish (Hence why I primed and painted first).

Here is the finished product. being a perfectionist I'm not happy with how the metal is formed around the top of the license plate but when everything is bolted together you can't really tell unless you look closely. I'd like to re-do this properly with the right tools and materials in the future, but I hated the original fender so much and banged it out in one afternoon so I can't complain. I didn't bother with a license plate light because police in SoCal don't seem to care about enforcement unless you're a crappy or reckless driver, so until I get a ticket for it I'll leave it be and save myself the trouble.

Hopefully this helps someone who didn't have the courage to cut up their OEM fender, its really not that hard! Just take it slow with your cuts and you'll get there. Happy wrenching
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Default Re: Another 599 DIY fender eliminator (For the budget minded)

More pictures..
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Default Re: Another 599 DIY fender eliminator (For the budget minded)

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