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Default Which Battery?

My 2002 919 is being iffy to crank up sometimes, and since I didn't start her up too many times during this winter I'm thinking the battery is gone. I did jump start it last week and it ran good but just in case Imma change the battery since it looks like it's original. So now I go in a few websites to look for a new battery and there are many options. Lithium, regular acid... and several brands. Since I'm a newbie on bikes parts I wanted to ask you guys what you suggest and what batteries you guys run the bike with.
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Default Re: Which Battery?

This is an old thread but I'll put it up anyway.

It likes the Yuasa.
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Default Re: Which Battery?

my 2 cents for the congressional record:

get an Absorbed glass mat battery, AGM, I've had mine for like 6 or 7 years
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Default Re: Which Battery?

get a Speedcell battery, nothing better on the market and 100% made in the USA
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Default Re: Which Battery?

Just to add my .02 for anyone else's benefit, I got five years out of the Yuasa that came with the bike. Just from reading forums, I get the idea that that's a bit above average for a bike battery. If I don't go Li, I'll be using Yuasa.
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Default Re: Which Battery?

I was cheap and just went to walmart.
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