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Default motorcycle carburator malfunction ?

I bought a cb599 2004 with 22000 km

of course First thing I wanted to do is Carburator sync just for maintenance.

but then i start to see that the bike have some problems starting the bike, I have to play with the throttle while starting the engine

well ive got my Carb sync gauges.

Took of the tank, and guess what I had no idea how to connect the 2nd and 3rd cylinder.
So I assembled everything back in place

the next day i pull the Choke and started the engine, while its heating the rpm is getting high, it went up to 2000.

when the temperature is right , i push back the choke, and it should work in idle. just like before. but the engine started to die, and died. playeed with the throttle - nothing, dead

verified pertol - ok full tank
disconnected the pertol tube from the tank to see if there is a pertol inside, it was ok connected the tube . after many bad words, i went to rest, and after 30 min, i started the bike without the choke. slow rpm , but i was playing with the throttle to heat it. when the temperature was right, i tested how it rides, and its all ok

I would like to know whats the problem ? its making me crazy
i have the same problems alredy 3 times. \i just places the tank back to its plce, maybe i forget something,
please help
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Default Re: motorcycle carburator malfunction ?

It sounds like "pirate air". In other words - air leak.
Symptoms sound like it. I remember my first attempt to synch an inline-four and I connected tubes ONLY, leaving gauges disconnected. I start the bike to warm it up - same things happened as you describe. Choke - revs to 3-4k RPM, no choke - idle too low and dies.

Have you got carb cleaner air can? If you do - start the bike and spray some rubber parts near carburetors. If engine RPM drops - you got a leak.
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