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Default 2004 600-1 Owner, Indiana

Hello everyone! My name is Michael and I am the proud owner of an '04 Honda 599 (thought I would be a bit clever in the title). Geez this bike has so many names, the Honda 599, Hornet, CB600F ... my title pretty much didn't name my bike bc it was so confused haha. Originally from Pittsburgh, and studied Mechanical Engineering at Penn State (please no jokes!). Anyways, I'm 24, and work, and wow this is quickly turning out to be my resume, haha, back to motorcycles!

This is my first bike! I have pretty much wanted this exact bike since Freshman yr of college and got a great deal on it. I actually bought it from another Engineer - funny how sometimes the deal is much sweeter when you buy it from a legit person. I bought it with a little over 10k and now its got over 12k. I think it tipped over in the garage but has never been "down" I want to say.

I got my permit three times previous and finally took the ABATE course in Indiana and highly recommend it! Still haven't been to the DMV to get it yet bc I don't like that place haha. Was fortunate enough to find a full service manual on here, and went thru it when she turned over 12k. Only things I need to check are the carb balance and maybe valve timing.

Just ordered an SP Engineering stubby pipe from the UK and love it! It sounds dirrrrrrrrrrty, and super-cammy / rough at idle - I think it sounds good Had to install the buffer bc it was just way too loud. If anyone wants some sound clips or install tips (we figured out a few mods we needed to do), I could probably post something. I am going to rejet and balance the carbs here soon.

My buddy (Yamaha XT 600) and I just rode a 200 mile ride last Sunday and I am super pumped, and love riding! It was over 5 hrs of seat time! We basically took a 200mi loop around the great metropolis of Indianapolis and hit some twistys along the way.I have a cheapy HJC helmet and my friends jacket and just need to nut up and get that stuff soon. My neighbor gave me this sick cafe leather jacket from the 70s that I usually wear but its kinda falling apart. I figured out what I want but its $.

Any Indy riders down for a ride just let me know. I am always super confused with forums with info overload so Ill try this out.

Nice to meet you! Here are some bike pictures (hope they show up! haha) Ok just previewed and they work! Oh, and I also have that '02 WRX and AutoX in STX and Rally in PA. I love that just as much, lots of fun.


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Default Re: 2004 600-1 Owner, Indiana

If you ever want to ride around the historic town of Battle Ground, feel free to come on over.

We are about 1 hour north of Indianapolis.
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Default Re: 2004 600-1 Owner, Indiana

mrr. Good intro.
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Default Re: 2004 600-1 Owner, Indiana

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Default Re: 2004 600-1 Owner, Indiana

How do.
"Horsepower is like dick size; there is no such thing as "too much". Granted, you may never use all that you've got, but it sure feels good knowing that you've got it in your pocket, available to whip it out and use it anytime you want to. Or need to, even if just to win a bet ..."
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Default Re: 2004 600-1 Owner, Indiana

Welcome! Varied bunch here,something for everyone.
For the love of the ride.
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Michael A Wong
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Default Re: 2004 600-1 Owner, Indiana

mrr5049, nice bike, I never get tired of our classic "599"
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Default Re: 2004 600-1 Owner, Indiana

Edited for response intended for a spammer.
Youth and talent are no substitutes for AGE and TREACHERY

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