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Default Andreani cartridges

Anyone tried these with Hornet: ?
Did you have problems with high speed compression as reported on FZ07/09 forums?
I ordered modified valves from Forks-by-Matt, still waiting for those though
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Default Re: Andreani cartridges

No, but they sure look sexy. Want.
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Default Andreani cartridges

As many of us have chosen, I needed to upgrade my front suspension, and I wanted some adjustability, so I know the oil and spring swap would not cut it for me.
I explored cartridge replacement and discovered the Andreani group.

First... why I chose Andreani

1. I wanted good quality. Andreani have over 20 years in the business and more importantly have formed strategic relationships with several other companies in the moto suspension world. The trademarks they represent include Ohlins Queen Termignoni Marchesini Marzocchi Kayaba Showa and others. In fact you can purchase Andreani kits for the FZ-09 which include the Andreani cartridges plus an ohlins shock!

2. I wanted best value. I've found that those who retail other kits perhaps never have sales on their products, and all fall in the $1000+ price range. I found Sonicracingparts on Ebay... a company operating out of Italy where I got the cartridges for about US $550 before shipping.

3. I don't live in the US and there are no reliable options for dealer install here, so I knew that I would have to do it myself, so I looked for a brand with easy install reports.
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Default Re: Andreani cartridges

The Andreani cartridge system for the '06 Honda 599 come highly recommended . This recommendation has come from the largest Ohlin's service center owner in the US & he knows his stuff . I've ordered them also for my girls '06 599 .
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