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Default charming 70s British riding advice video

Rockin soundtrack, solid advice, cool BMW R90S.

My favorite part is at 3:05:
"Oh dear, a traffic jamb. Still, what we will not do is not drive through the middle between the two cars. That's dangerous, and forbidden. It's better to stick to the left." [Rides around traffic on the shoulder]

5:20 is hilarious. Riding allows the motorcyclist to enjoy the natural scenery, women.

9:50: Rider demonstrates how you shouldn't pass on tight corners or overtake cars that are overtaking by doing it a bunch.

"Now we've reached the top. The top of sheer, motorcycling pleasure."

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Default Re: charming 70s British riding advice video

The Rockford files? I've got a gold Pontiac in my head.
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